Call of Duty: WWII Ranking Service

Introducing our new Call of Duty: WWII Ranking up service!

This service will get you one FULL prestige. If you are for example level 37 0 prestige, this service will get you to 1st prestige level 37. This service is a flat $170.


What all do I get with this service?

- 1 Full Prestige
- 2 hours of double xp codes will be redeemed to your profile for you to use yourself
- A chance to win a free game of your choice
- 1 weapon will be max prestige

Why is this so expensive?

- The cost is actually $3.09 per level. If the 170 is divided by 55
- Cheaper then eBay sellers asking $190+ for less then what we offer.

How long will this take?

- Depending how long we have on your account it could take a few days.

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